X360a gamercard not updating

Posted by / 16-Apr-2016 16:58

X360a gamercard not updating

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THE EVENTX360A Meet and Greet - Are you going to PAX? It'll be good to talk achievements with other gamers who actually care about them, and get to know fellow gamers beyond just the gaming.

I have a decent gaming budget, and I can also trade in some of my current games if need be. I'm so stuck on what to play and my last few rentals were a bit of a let-down.

MUNSIE's Games If you feel you could make better recommendations with a bit of extra info, feel free to ask me about any games on my list (why I did or didn't finish them, get achievements, lack of some games or something like that.)Should also mention I've been waiting for Darksiders to come in (been rented out solid from Blockbuster) and I have Dragon Age sitting on a shelf here, just haven't started it because of school.

Which means any game you can recommend that Blockbuster currently stocks is good.

I've also got an EBGames (aka Gamestop) not far from my house...

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