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Of course, not all of this is based on religious beliefs.

In many cases, it’s simply a result of holistic personal growth and/or choosing to practice self-care.

As such, they are opting to wait to get into any sexual relationships until they are sure they’ve found the one.

And, even more interesting, many who have been sexually active in the past are now choosing to wait for the same.

Though it may sometimes seem as though the world is filled with people focused only on self-destruction and self-degradation, there is a growing number of individuals awakening, becoming more enlightened and therefore, set on just the opposite.

Many people are choosing to honor their body, mind and spirit in every aspect of their lives.

My husband and I dated for over two years and were proud to have made it to the altar without dipping in each other’s cookie jars!Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.So I'm interested in how many men would wait till marriage if they met the right woman?He respected my position and decided for himself that I was worth the wait.As our courtship evolved and things started to get serious, he recognized that celibacy had to become his goal too; not just my own.

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We are inundated with messages that glorify self-degradation via movies, magazines, advertising and so on.

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