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For example: • "At the end of the day." This insidious weed of language takes six words to say what ultimately, or perhaps better still, nothing at all, could convey better.• "The new normal." A catchall for the dismal post-Great Recessionary world.Narrower conceptions may be limited to the northwestern US or to the coastal areas west of the Cascade and Coast mountains.The variety of definitions can be attributed to partially overlapping commonalities of the region's history, geography, society, and other factors.The Northwest Coast is the coastal region of the Pacific Northwest and the Northwest Plateau (also commonly known as "the Interior" in British Columbia and the Inland Empire in the United States) is the inland region.The term "Pacific Northwest" should not be confused with the Northwest Territory (also known as the Great Northwest, a historical term in the United States) or the Northwest Territories of Canada.As the anniversary of their daughter's suicide approaches, Michael and Jane Cleland have spoken of their battle to have the two teenage boys, who they say bullied their daughter to death, held accountable for their actions under cyber bullying laws.

Victoria already has anti-bullying legislation known as Brodie's Law, which was introduced in 2011 after the death of Brodie Panlock, who committed suicide after being subject to relentless bullying in her workplace.'It seems there is a law in Victoria that criminalises cyber bullying, but it doesn't get enforced because of the police paperwork...

The construction of the wheel has undergone design changes, and is a favorite of "street" performers, including Isaac Hou.

a software engineer father and database manager mother.

According to Canadian historian Ken Coates, the border has not merely influenced the Pacific Northwest—rather, "the region's history and character have been determined by the boundary." None of the multiple possible definitions of the Pacific Northwest is universally accepted.

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