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In a letter to the Berwick Advertiser newspaper, she defended her actions, saying: "Do you know what your 14-year-old daughter is doing? " She continued: "Although I tried many times to stop the relationship, she carried on behind my back.

"As many mothers know, you can't lock a 14-year-old in their room until they are 16." She added: "In an ideal world, we all try to protect our children and this is what I was trying to do.

"As much as I didn't like the situation, I felt that by keeping them close, I could monitor the situation rather than them running away behind my back.

"If I felt my daughter was in any danger from this lad, I would have killed him myself!

Blog okcupid and doctor who told lesbian bar scene that used exist have broken by the explosion of mobile dating apps has increased.Now, the one-time chatelaine of turreted Ayton Castle in Berwickshire, where she lived with its owner, her lover David Liddell-Grainger, and her ageing husband Sir Eric de la Rue, is facing a further tragedy.Her son by Sir Eric, Stowe- educated St George de la Rue, 46, has been found dead in the cottage where he lived in the castle grounds at Eymouth. Scots voters scythed down Alex Salmond, that tallest of tartan poppies, and 20 of his separatist pals.The General Election result north of the border was eye-poppingly savage and, in its way, thumpingly decisive.

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MPs have voted overwhelmingly in favour of Theresa May triggering Article 50, meaning the Prime Minister is on track to begin Brexit negotiations with Brussels in March.