Ms access linked table not updating

Posted by / 10-Mar-2016 04:03

What happens when you modify the structure of the underlying SQL Server table?

What happens to the SQL Server table if you delete the linked table in Access?

Let's take a look at both of those situations one step at a time.In a previous tip we saw how easy it was to link to SQL Server tables from Microsoft Access.As is the case with all systems, how does Access manage the changes?You cannot schedule refresh for this dataset because it does not contain data model connections.You cannot schedule refresh on worksheet connections or linked tables.

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So on my local machine, I could open up the MS Access file with tables linked to the computer named CDC-EBLEY2-7\SQLEXPRESS, but if you were to open the file from someone else’s computer, an Connection failed: SQL State: ‘01000’ SQL Server Error 67 SQL Server Error: 17 (blah blah blah) resulted. Because I enabled my server to be connected to via TCP/IP over port 1433 – which are the defaults, but it has to be explicitly set in the connection string of every table.

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