Mandating everyone buy a house

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IF YOU'RE NOT FLUENT IN ENGLISH, or prefer speaking in your native language, choose agents, attorneys, inspectors and bankers who are conversant in your native language.

While it may be possible to get translated copies of standard real estate documents, it's likely that you will have to sign the English versions when it comes time to close the deal.

“It was a mental fistfight,” Speronis’ attorney Todd Allen said of Eskin’s review of his clients’ case.

“There’s an inherent conflict in the code.” Part of the conflict: She must hook up to the water system, although officials acknowledge she does not have to use it.

And so, our focus has been on reducing costs, making it available.In effect the church disestablishes its religious nature, with Jesus Christ as its head..becomes instead a secular agency of government policy ...against which the church will not be able to which it will consent by silence.The 501c3 church can only operate under the 'color' of religion..such ministries are roundly condemned by Jesus...I am confident if people have a chance to buy high-quality health care that is affordable, they will do so.That’s what our plan does and nobody disputes that.

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Now, my belief is that most parents will choose to get health care for themselves and we make it affordable. If you haven’t made it affordable, how are you going to enforce a mandate.

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