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) Why you shouldn’t date them: Like rich men worldwide, these guys are always on the lookout for a newer, sleeker model.

The third goal comes into play after the first two have been met.

Source: Original Post Date: April 11, 2015 – According to an announcement made this week by Russia’s Media Agency/Internet censors Roskomnadzor, it is illegal for Russian citizens to publish memes that depict public figures in a way that “has no relation to [their] personality”.

The announcement states that a violation of the legislation on personal data in relation to public figures will include: Roscomnadzor stated that it will issue the demand to remove such illegal information, if not removed, they will sue. He’s often found riding around message boards on everything from a Ritz cracker to a weasel on the back of a flying woodpecker or leading a pack of flying grizzly bears with laser vision.

Regardless, this is just another example of the power of the internet and the language change that’s happening around the world, and it shows that no language is immune.

Russian-Chinese bidirectional dictionary composed by merging the Big Chinese-Russian Dictionary, Russian-Chinese Dictionary, Pinyin-Hanzi, and the Dictionary of examples. Chinese-Russian dictionary based on the Big Chinese-Russian Dictionary edited by I.

The dictionary contains 118,717 redirects from traditional to simplified versions of words.

Fascism is a convenient existential threat signifier for the post-Soviet space.

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If you are the owner of this IP address, you can whitelist it by connecting to this page from the IP itself (or from an IP within /24).

For example, it may have been hijacked from its true owner and used by a spammer.

I just happened upon an excellent (although brutal) article talking about the cultural significance of dashboard-mounted cameras in cars in Russia.

Although the whole article was fascinating, as a linguist, I absolutely loved the author’s brief foray into the language of the websites used to share accident videos (about halfway through the article). As the author suggests, this second meaning comes about because Russian speakers seem to have adopted the English phrase “to shit a brick” into their language.

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Understanding what a date is for will be critical to being able to navigate one successfully.

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