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Kurdish dating site

It is located close to the temporary river of Wadi Kasnazan and the cities of Kasnazan and Banaslawa, pertaining to the current capital of Kurdistan, Erbil (northern Iraq).

The archaeological dig has revealed a series of occupancies which go from the Neolithic period to the first millennium BCE.

The area had been closed off since the 1990s to archaeological research and the UAB is the only research team from Spain participating in the dig.

After many years working in Syria and Turkey, where all work was halted due to the military instability of the area, the research team coordinated by professor Miquel Molist continues to study the origins and consolidation of the first farming societies, in this case in the most eastern part of Upper Mesopotamia.

Iraqi Kurdistan is one of the most interesting regions of the Middle East, given that since the 1990s and until three years ago no archaeological research could be conducted there, making it a new geographic and historical site in which to conduct archaeological studies.

The research is the result of a project conducted by an interdisciplinary team under the leadership of professors Anna Gómez Bach and Miquel Molist, from the UAB Department of Prehistory.He met Mitat’s family, and proposed marriage, showing them bank statements to prove his intentions were serious.“He was a normal person,” Mitat recalls, though she says he did make her swap her regular choice of clothing — tight jeans and t-shirts – for long dresses.Islam and Ahmed met online, looking for their “happily ever after” through a Muslim dating site.But instead of bringing love and contentment, their marriage left Islam trapped in a living nightmare.

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