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Thus, the second RNAV approach to the same runway is labeled “Y.” Where you have Y and Z approaches to the same runway, usually the Z approach has precision LPV minimums and the Y approach has higher LNAV minimums.In rare cases, for example at the Nut Tree Airport in Vacaville, Calif., the Y approach is for LPV minimums and the Z approach is for LNAV minimums.” has a full chapter devoted to flying GPS approaches with the Bendix/King KLN 94.By IFR Staff Modern avionics, whether an EFIS display, a navigator or even a traffic system—in fact just about all electronics today—are little more than computers with some local inputs, some remote inputs, an output device and some remote outputs. Inputs for remotely provided data might include things like barometric pressure, fuel flow and data for weather, traffic and the like. Other local inputs include a means to get aviation database(s), a GPS engine that provides precise position data, and receivers for VOR, LOC and glideslope.

Creating ad hoc holds is easy with GTN software V6 and later.Sarasota Avionics can provide a number of solutions for Light Sport and Experimental customers.Our wire harness packages provide a no-hassle, quick and easy way to install the equipment yourself.From the flight plan (top image) select the fix and Hold At Waypoint.Enter the hold parameters (center image) and load the hold.

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The natural reaction of most people is to "reactivate the approach", which will send you back to the IAF - not a good idea when on autopilot with 500feet/min descent rate dialed in...

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