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Modern Jive Munich - Links "Chic, Sexy and good clean fun" (The London Times) Modern Jive (also known as Ceroc, Leroc and Le Jive) is a partner dance based on Jive and Salsa. You don't need to bring a partner, we ensure that everyone mixes, so come by yourself or with friends and you're sure to have fun in a relaxed and social environment.

It's fun, stylish, easy to learn and can be danced to almost any type of music, so you can feel at home jiving in a nightclub, at a wedding, a party, anywhere! " (The New Zealand Herald)Why don't you come along for an evening of fun? "Possibly the most fun you can have mid-week" (Time Out Magazine)You don't need to be able to dance as we provide simple dance instruction which anyone can follow. " (The Australian)Quite simply, it is a dance for any occasion and what's more it looks brilliant!

Modern Jive (Ceroc, M-Jive) Dancing: Classes, Workshops and Parties in Munich Modern Jive is probably the easiest partner dance to learn - great for any party or social occasion, you don't need to come with a partner or to book in advance.

The idea is to have fun and stress-free dancing, learn some nice moves and how to lead and follow, plus meet loads of people.

Currently being run once every month, check the forthcoming Le Roc freestyle dates. Axminster Guildhall is a real character venue which is easy to find in the small East Devon town of Axminster, and is a real gem of a venue for dancing.

They don't need to bring a dancing partner, at CEROC everyone can find someone to dance with.

I suggest either zapping it, or moving it to a separate "Ceroc Enterprises" page - so you'd have two pages, something like "Ceroc (Dance)" and "Ceroc (Organisation)".

Possibly a disambiguation page would be useful, as well.

One of the fantastic things about Ceroc Enterprises as an organisation is the uniformity of the safety standards set solidly in the minds of its instructors, and moves that have not been risk-assessed and properly documented and taught in a safe manner simply are not acceptable. I've seen classes taught by Ceroc franchises described as unsafe, so this is not NPOV. should remain, as the homepage of Ceroc Enterprises.

I'm thinking it's trying to make some point about Ceroc Ltd being good and holy and its competitors being dangerous cowboys, but it's not entirely clear what's being said. I also removed this: If it's unofficial, it can't be Ceroc, due to the nature of trademarks and such. I've also kept the C&MJ link, because I believe that is technically a seperate company, rather than merely a franchise. Here they are: The whole "history of Ceroc" stuff is both bloated and irrelevant; it reads like a press release.

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