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“He brought up the idea and asked me to take it into account,” Carnazzo said of her husband, Sabatino, who was a member of one of the Eastern Churches in communion with the Bishop of Rome.

She told the Register that they met at Christendom College, a Catholic liberal arts school based in Front Royal, where they currently reside, and were dating when Sabatino’s pastor, Father Joseph Francavilla, asked him to consider a vocation to the priesthood after marriage.

I wrote columns, as well as responses to columns written by Pastor Mike Gunn of Harambee Church in Tukwila, Washington. ") Nov/Dec 1994 "Where's the truth -- in the Bible or with the Church?

The bishop doesn't guarantee ordination when a man starts studying. Perhaps politics swings back to He will be considered a second-class priest.

It was published first on Amy Welborn's blog and later on Catholic Exchange.

My responses to readers questions on the article are published in the comments sections attached to the article on both sites (sorry, Catholic Exchange has removed theirs).

The article was later reprinted by Christian commentator John Granger at Zossima

Amy Welborn responses After Eden From 2003-2004, I served as a monthly columnist for an ecumencial magazine, "After Eden" at Hollywood

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On another thread here someone mentioned the lack of married seminarians in the Ruthenian Church in America as evidence of Latinization and the imposition of the Roman norm of celibacy.