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The hostess eyed her coolly, then glanced at the street. Kathy found a seat in the back of the room, which was beautifully arranged with several rows of chairs and a table of hors d'oeuvres. Two days later, Kathy received a note from Martha Frazier, perfectly typed on her elegant letterhead. " To reject someone means to refuse to grant that person recognition or acceptance, to discard that individual as being worthless. Rejection is a painful experience no matter what the cause, and all too often, we don't assign enough blame to the rejecter. As we considered Jacob's two wives, Leah and Rachel, in the last chapter, we learned how envy and jealousy can destroy harmony and love in a family.

She decided against taking anything to eat—by now her stomach was in knots, and she didn't want anyone to notice her. After the Bible lesson, which was dramatically presented by Martha Frazier, Kathy waited at the front to speak to her. Frazier her reason for attending, she noticed the older woman's eyes scanning her, head to toe. There was an uncomfortable feeling about their brief conversation, after which Kathy handed the teacher her business card and all but ran toward her car. "Unfortunately, I don't feel you are the right person to edit my lessons into booklets. We simply agree with his or her evaluation of us and carry a feeling of inferiority or of being "damaged goods" all our lives. If individuals don't appreciate me as a total person because they don't like my looks or my performance, does that mean I really am what they think I am? Should I permit them to label me for the rest of my life? As we study the emotional obstacle of rejection, let's take a closer look at Leah's spiritual journey, because Leah was a woman who lived with the pain of rejection every day of her life.

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He also said He will come as the King—a real leader with real solutions to our most difficult problems!

Consequently, these atheists will never get the correct dates for events they view as fiction.

Furthermore, a Jewish audience would be more in keeping with the obviously Jewish nature of the letter (e.g., the use of the Hebrew title for God, "Lord Almighty," 5:4).

That the recipients were Christians is clear from 2:1; 5:7-8.

Was Martha Frazier naturally unfriendly, or did she simply dislike Kathy? You clearly are not familiar with the type of woman to whom God has given me the privilege of ministering. I trust you were blessed." Kathy's eyes blurred with tears of shame and humiliation as she read the note. First of all, Leah was never respected by her father.

She knew very well why she had been rejected for the job—she didn't look like the other women there. In that day, it was the father's responsibility to arrange for his daughters to marry.

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And there will be a cause for the utopian conditions Jesus Christ promises after His return.

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  1. As we get older, our choices of potential mates are often limited by where we live and work, our spiritual and recreational interests..fix-ups from friends or relatives.