Are gretchen and slade still dating Which mobile no for best sex chat

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Are gretchen and slade still dating

“For Gretchen’s birthday this year, Slade really did surprise her with the best gift ever,” an insider has revealed, according to Radar Online.“The big gift he gave her was that he told her he had decided to reverse his vasectomy for her.We are so grateful to all those who have supported us and wished us well during this process.For the truth behind the rumors, please Check your local times & listings for "The Doctors" which airs today.“We started having sex again two nights ago because we wanted to wait a little bit longer to make sure he was fully recovered,” Rossi revealed during an interview with Radar Online earlier this year. star Gretchen Rossi and her hunky fiancé Slade Smiley have been in real baby making mode this week!I love hearing from you guys A photo posted by Gretchen Christine Rossi (@gretchenrossi) on The five-hour surgery, which was done on Dec. Needless to say, they are following their doctors’ orders!

, which showed a clip of Judge saying Rossi had “this big plan to propose to Slade” to secure her spot on the show. ‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’ Season 11 Secrets Revealed In a shocking letter addressed to Uncensored host Cohen, obtained exclusively by Radar, Larson-Smiley, wrote, “I am the mother-in-Law (to be) of Gretchen Rossi, and mother of Slade Smiley."Thank you for having me to lunch girls @lizzierovsek @vickigunvalson," Rossi wrote with her own photo."It was so much fun to meet @kellyddodd (the new housewife this season) come follow her, she is a hoot and yes for all of those asking Vicki and I made up at the end of last season, it's called forgiveness and moving on from something 3 yrs ago #lifeistooshort #somanylaughs #beingdorkshere #RHOC." As for Rossi and Smiley, they aren't married yet, but they are trying to have a child after Smiley's vastectomy was reversed. We are now making love to create a life and it has brought us so much closer together.“She received an e-mail from them saying ,’Gretchen you’re so welcome. “Gretchen will be returning to spice up Season 12,” a source reveals to All About the Tea.

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